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# Scavenger Chic## Projects for your Home  * Scavenger Chic Twitter   * Scavenger Chic Email Search  * Home  * DIY around the House    * Shelving , Storage and Organization    * Crafty    * DIY For the Walls and Vintage Style Signs    * Projects from Nature  * Upcycled Projects    * Upcycled Projects – Windows and Doors    * Upcycled Projects – Lighting    * Upcycled Projects – Shutters    * Upcycled Projects – Spindles    * Upcycled Projects – Miscellaneous Objects  * Reclaimed Wood and Pallet Projects    * Reclaimed Wood and Pallets – Project Gallery    * Reclaimed Wood and Pallet Projects (page 2)  * Furniture Makeovers    * Coffee Tables and Side Tables    * Benches and Chairs    * DIY Headboards    * Mirrors    * Tables and Other Large Furniture  * Holidays    * Halloween    * Christmas    * 4th of July    * Valentine's Day  * Scavenger Files  * Project Gallery    * Project Gallery 2014    * Project Gallery 2015    * Project Gallery 2016    * Project Gallery 2017    * Project Gallery 2018    * Project Gallery 2019  * About Me  * Contact Me## Super Sturdy Wooden Bench DIY  * By Joan  * July 11, 2019  * 4 CommentsI have another project from son #2's house. You may remember that he and hiswife moved into their house back in December and have been trying to update itand make it theirs ever since. With a one year old … Continue Reading ->* * *## Little Red Wagon Coffee Table  * By Joan  * June 27, 2019  * 4 CommentsMy latest thrift store find, a $10 little red wagon. I don't have anyyoung'uns at home any more so I see an upcycle in this guys future. Seriously,he's the perfect height for a coffee table. If this wagon … Continue Reading->* * *## Stained Red Velvet Ottoman Makeover  * By Joan  * June 19, 2019  * 2 CommentsI helped move my nephew into a new home a few weeks ago and look at thislittle treasure the previous homeowner had left behind, a red velvet ottoman.Besides having a few stains, it wasn't quite his style. I'm not really …Continue Reading ->* * *## Folding Ruler and Pallet Wood Star  * By Joan  * June 12, 2019  * 3 CommentsIt seems like whenever I go to a craft show I find someone who has made a starfrom a folding ruler. They all seem fairly straightforward, have a foldingruler with at least 10 sections, fold and glue in place. So when … ContinueReading ->* * *## Nautical Salad Bowl Mirror  * By Joan  * June 5, 2019  * 5 CommentsOver Memorial weekend my local thrift store had a half price sale foreverything in the store. I've been looking for a wooden salad bowl for acouple of months now and to find one on half price day, even … ContinueReading ->* * *## Salvaging Old Fence Boards  * By Joan  * May 29, 2019  * 2 CommentsThis is part of my brother's fence surrounding his backyard. He's lived in hiscurrent house for 30 years and the fence was already 10 years old when hemoved in. So if you've done the math, that's a 40 … Continue Reading ->* * *## Thrift Store Tray Makeover with Shutter Slats  * By Joan  * May 22, 2019  * 2 CommentsA couple weeks ago when I shared with you the green side table with blackglaze, I mentioned that on my last trip to the thrift store I not only foundthat side table but also a little red wagon … Continue Reading ->* * *## Harlequin Diamond Mirror Makeover  * By Joan  * May 15, 2019  * 3 CommentsUsually I know exactly where I've found my supplies, whether the thrift store,a dump, a architectural salvage store, curbside, dumpster, flea market,auctions, friends or family, but I really have no idea where this mirror camefrom. It's an … Continue Reading ->* * *## Green Side Table with Black Glaze  * By Joan  * May 8, 2019  * 6 CommentsMost days I walk into the local thrift store and walk out empty handed. Thisday was different, I found this side table, a little red wagon and a tray. Itdidn't matter that I was actually looking for a … Continue Reading ->* * *## Poo Pipe Upcycle!  * By Joan  * May 1, 2019  * 7 CommentsIsn't this the most perfect pipe you've ever seen? It has a nice case ofcrusty rust, it's the perfect height for a nice lamp, (which I see in thisguys future) and best of all…it was free. You may be … Continue Reading ->* * *## Rewebbing a Sagging IKEA Chair  * By Joan  * April 24, 2019  * 3 CommentsI found my next project at son #2's house. These are his kitchen chairs whichhe has had since he graduated from college. They don't get a ton of use butthe seat has a serious case of the sags. My daughter-in-law can't … ContinueReading ->* * *## 22 Spring and Easter Appetizers  * By Joan  * April 15, 2019  * 2 CommentsNext weekend is Easter weekend and we're celebrating with my wonderful, andalways very hungry, family. I've been assigned to bring an appetizer. Ratherthan go with my usual, buffalo chicken dip, bacon wrapped smokies, Mexicanbean dip…you know, those tried … Continue Reading ->* * *## First Birthday Chalkboard Sign  * By Joan  * April 10, 2019  * 3 CommentsWe celebrated our first grandbaby, Felix's, first birthday at the end ofMarch. And with a first birthday comes a new project. I made several signs forFelix's parents wedding, back in June, 2017. I've reused most of the wood fromthe signs … Continue Reading ->* * *## Painted Harlequin Diamond Side Table  * By Joan  * April 7, 2019  * 5 CommentsI found this little side table at a garage sale last summer and he has beentaking up space ever since. It's time for his makeover. Since it's white, I'mgonna just have to paint it black. Who doesn't like a dramatic … ContinueReading ->* * *## Pottery Barn Copycat, Horse Zoetrope  * By Joan  * April 3, 2019  * 5 CommentsI have a fun project for you today. A copycat Pottery Barn Horse Zoetrope onwood. Right now I have no idea where I'm actually going to put it but I wantedto make it because I could and it … Continue Reading ->* * *## Kitchen Cabinet Door Makes a Comeback  * By Joan  * March 31, 2019  * 3 CommentsLast year we had our cabinets refaced. The boxes on the cabinets were fine butit was time for an update. During the process they give you totally new doors,new drawers and drawer fronts and give a whole new … Continue Reading ->* * *## Upcycled Barrel Slats - DIY Lamp  * By Joan  * March 27, 2019  * 9 CommentsLast spring, hubby and I took a quick weekend trip to the beach with my sisterand her husband. On one of the days, while the husbands hit the golf coursethe wives headed for a flea market. The flea market … Continue Reading ->* * *## Seed Catalog Canvas DIY  * By Joan  * March 24, 2019  * 8 CommentsA while back when I was painting vintage seed packets, think pumpkins,sunflowers and carrots, I came across this beautiful image is from theSmithsonian Library. It's the cover from a seed catalog from 1912. While theseed packets were … Continue Reading ->* * *  * Previous  * Search ### Subscribe to Blog via Email* * *Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notificationsof new posts by email.Email Address    View my Flipboard Magazine.             Welcome to Scavenger Chic. Ilove to recycle, repurpose and reuse. I'm always on the hunt for that greatpiece of junk that I can bring new life to and hopefully I can give youinspiration to fill your own home with unique and fun ideas.     Follow Scavenger Chic's board Scavenger Chic on Pinterest.  **My Most Popular Posts****Mismatched Metal File Cabinets****Wood Countertop DIY****Clock Table from a Flea Mkt find****Stars and Stripes****Pallet Wood Christmas Tree****Repurposed Dresser Drawers****Pallet Wood Open Sign with Lights ****Upcycled Twice! Lantern DIY****Reclaimed Wood Bed Tray****DIY Rustic Storage Cupboard**Thanks for visiting. 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